An association run by parents for all parents with children at the International School campuses of St Genis-Pouilly or Ferney Voltaire


FCPE stands for Fédération de Conseils de Parents d’Elèves, which means the Federation of Parents’ Councils. We're an apolitical, non-denominational association that represents all parents on a local level but which also forms part of a network that is active at the levels of the département, the region and the national educational authorities.

We need people like you to help take part in our association. Together we can succeed.


What do we do?

Improve educational quality and ensure equal rights to education

  • We represent you at class councils, on governing bodies, at disciplinary councils and various committees of the school campus
  • We have monthly meetings with the headteacher and their deputies on behalf of your children
  • We are members of the Appeals Commissions and other bodies of the Ministry of National Education at the levels of the département, the region, and the national educational authorities
  • We strive to ensure that the necessary teaching and managerial staff, and supplies and equipment, are in place
  • We work for the well-being of your children. We ensure special arrangements for students in need, access to lockers and aim to optimise the length and times of the school day and week

Solidarity and community

  • We contribute to the social support and solidarity funds of the school campuses. We partner with others to organise events which bring people together and share information: conferences, evenings for parent representatives, careers forum and “Ain’formation métiers” (careers forum at the level of the département)
  • We publish a newsletter and share information on careers and other events which might be of interest to students or their parents, in the Pays de Gex, in French-speaking Switzerland and in the Auvergne-Centre-Alpes Region.


School buses

  • We work with the “Pays de Gex Agglo” (the local government coordinating authority for the Pays de Gex) to improve the school bus system, and to provide free buses for the World of Careers event in Lyon


Note on the former textbooks scheme

  • From September 2019 textbooks will be provided free of charge by the Auvergne-Centre-Alpes Region of the Government to all students in the first and second years of the lycée (“secondes” and “premières”)
  • For the 2019-2020 school year the FCPE will provide textbooks, through its textbooks scheme, only to those final year students (“terminales”) who are in “première” this year, and whose families are FCPE members